Geysers: Watch them go!

My trip to Iceland was the first time I’d ever seen a geyser erupt. Instead of trying to explain in words how compelling I thought it was, I thought I’d just round up some of my best geyser photos and share them here. Enjoy!                         […]

Mesmerized by the Land of Fire and Ice

Despite its small size, Iceland is not a country in which a three-day trip will satisfy you. When my husband and I booked our trip purely on the whim of Icelandair‘s free stopover deal, we thought three days would be more than enough to satisfy our curiosity about the country and leave us content with […]

Don’t know when I’ll be back again

I swore to myself I’d have this blog fully caught up before I left the country. I lied. Oh well. I will eventually backtrack and catch the world up on the wild tales of my adventures this summer, but that must come later. I am sitting at Gate A19 in the Washington Dulles International Airport. […]