New beginnings

After all the new beginnings of the last two and a half years, here’s another big one: making the switch from journalism to nonprofit

A beautiful day for a walk through Shropshire and Worcestershire

On Friday, Dave and I took a gorgeous walk from our current home at Redford Farm in Shropshire, down the Clee Hill to Tenbury Wells and then on to our former home, Brook Farm in Worcestershire. We have been blessed to land in a stunning piece of little-known England, and we absolutely love it. From […]

Chasing light over hilltops

Just after Christmas, I spent a beautiful Saturday walking in the Kington area with my husband, Dave, and our cousin Jonathan. A walk with Jonathan usually starts with, “Just an easy stroll up this hill,” and before we know it, we’re walking home in the dark with no torches after being gone five or more […]

Brook Farm firsts

On Nov. 1, 2013, Dave and I walked into Brook Farm for the first time. We were officially Workawayers, and Sarah and Will Wint were our new “employers.” Our official timeframe of being Workawayers for Sarah and Will lasted from Nov. 1 to Dec. 16 (although we’ve decided we’re not done with them yet). In […]

Being abroad taught me what Thanksgiving is all about

I’m always thankful on Thanksgiving. I love being surrounded by my loud, crazy family, eating tons of delicious food I didn’t have to cook, drinking wine and listening to Christmas music. I even love Black Friday, getting up early with my mom, aunts and cousins to hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts. This year, I […]

Brook Farm: Up Close and Personal

In the three weeks since we arrived, I have been poking my nose–or more accurately, my camera lens– into everything at Brook Farm. Now far away from the pace of daily news coverage, it has been almost meditative for me to return to exploring photography as an art form rather than a race to get […]

A walk through Kington and across Hergest Ridge

I think some day I want to be the writer or photographer behind one of the “50 best walks in the UK” or “Britain’s Greatest Rambles” -type books I keep seeing. I’ve already talked about how much I love the British walking spirit. I’m actually disappointed in myself for how little walking I’ve done since arriving […]

Finding Brook Farm (Becoming a Workawayer)

For the next six weeks, I am living in a bed and breakfast in Worcestershire, United Kingdom, near the border of England and Wales. The building is nearly 500 years old, and it’s everything you could wish for in a 16th century farmhouse–low ceilings, crooked floors, fireplaces, teacups on the shelves and gardening books on […]

This is it: I’m moving to England

Three weeks from today, I will make the transition from Glasgow Daily Times reporter and resident of Glasgow, Ky., to homeless, unemployed gypsy. I could not be more excited. Or terrified, if I’m really honest, but there is definitely overwhelming excitement. It all started Feb. 14, 2012. Dave and I were relaxing at a local […]