Vocabulary Lessons in Britain

When I wrote to our cousin Jonathan in the UK and told him we were returning to Britain for the long term, he wrote back that he was “Very, very chuft” to hear the news. Crossing my fingers that it was a good thing, I immediately Googled “chuft British slang.” Luckily, chuft means pleased. In […]

Walking in Wales

In the U.S., we say we’re going for a walk and we come back 15 minutes later. Or we might go for a long walk, but it’s through the paved streets of our subdivision. In the UK, you go for a walk and before you know it, you’ve been gone five hours and you’ve climbed […]

This is it: I’m moving to England

Three weeks from today, I will make the transition from Glasgow Daily Times reporter and resident of Glasgow, Ky., to homeless, unemployed gypsy. I could not be more excited. Or terrified, if I’m really honest, but there is definitely overwhelming excitement. It all started Feb. 14, 2012. Dave and I were relaxing at a local […]