How not to travel to Morocco

As my husband and I prepared for a three-week holiday in Spain, our friend made the genius suggestion that we visit Morocco as well. We were going to be in fairly southern Spain, we had an open week after our Workaway in Elche, and we’d never been to Africa or an Islamic country. It was a […]

España: Land of oranges and vino tinto

If you are a non-Spanish speaker going to Spain for the first time, what words would you be sure to learn while you’re there? If you’re my husband, that’s an easy question: You learn postre (dessert), torta de queso (cheesecake), jarra de sangria (pitcher of sangria), vino tinto (red wine), and menú del día (menu of the day, […]

A day in the Workaway life: Brook Farm moments

Life has changed a bit in the last year. Dave and I transitioned from high school mathematics teacher and daily newspaper reporter renting a duplex in Glasgow, Ky., to wandering manual laborers who will live and work with anyone who welcomes us into their lives and gives us friendship, food and a bed. Thus far, […]

Pasta for lunch, language lessons for dinner

For anyone who may have forgotten during the course of my six-week writer’s block (sorry about that), Dave and I returned to Brook Farm at the beginning of January to continue being Workwayers for our favorites, Sarah and Will. But for our second round at Brook Farm, we got a bit of a promotion. Suddenly, […]

Chasing light over hilltops

Just after Christmas, I spent a beautiful Saturday walking in the Kington area with my husband, Dave, and our cousin Jonathan. A walk with Jonathan usually starts with, “Just an easy stroll up this hill,” and before we know it, we’re walking home in the dark with no torches after being gone five or more […]

Answering the question of “Why?”

Today would have marked my third anniversary as a reporter at the Glasgow Daily Times. I might have spent my day interviewing a magisterial election candidate, attending an elementary school program or fielding subscriber complaints about how the news staff is never doing enough. But I didn’t. Instead, I woke up in an old farmhouse […]

Christmas magic in Bavaria

Christmastime in Germany is magical. My husband has been telling me so for five years now, but last month he finally took me to see for myself. Pretty much as soon as Dave and I knew we’d be based in the UK for Christmas 2013, we started planning our holiday trip to Germany. We decided […]

Brook Farm firsts

On Nov. 1, 2013, Dave and I walked into Brook Farm for the first time. We were officially Workawayers, and Sarah and Will Wint were our new “employers.” Our official timeframe of being Workawayers for Sarah and Will lasted from Nov. 1 to Dec. 16 (although we’ve decided we’re not done with them yet). In […]

A walk through Kington and across Hergest Ridge

I think some day I want to be the writer or photographer behind one of the “50 best walks in the UK” or “Britain’s Greatest Rambles” -type books I keep seeing. I’ve already talked about how much I love the British walking spirit. I’m actually disappointed in myself for how little walking I’ve done since arriving […]

Happy Guy Fawkes Day

Happy Guy Fawkes Day. For those of you who, like I did, only have a vague idea that today is a British holiday because of V for Vendetta‘s “Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot” chant, then Wikipedia will be glad to enlighten you as to what happened in 1605. On […]