Civil War history lessons in Vicksburg

As a child, I always knew Vicksburg, Miss., was important to my family. My dad’s parents met there, and my paternal grandfather’s family has lived in Vicksburg for generations. My great uncle Joe Loviza served as mayor of the city in the early 90s, and Vicksburg is the one and only place I can go […]

Soaking in the Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace is a 444-mile synopsis of all that is great about small town America. There’s natural beauty, history, tourism, agriculture and art. There are clean restrooms and poor signage. Rural America at its finest. The scenic byway makes its way through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the South and provides a […]

Hello, homelessness

Over the course of the last few days, my husband and I have learned something about ourselves: We are absolutely terrible at moving. Inept. Pitiful. Complete rubbish. First of all, for anyone who is planning a move, never schedule your last day of work the day before you actually plan to be out of the […]