In photos: Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert

Petrified Forest National Park and the adjoining Painted Desert in northeastern Arizona was one of my favorite stops of the summer.  To me, Arizona has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the U.S., and we had a perfect day to visit Petrified Forest National Park.                   […]

For the “Breaking Bad” fans

My husband loves the television series “Breaking Bad.” He managed to find a way to watch it every week throughout the end of its final season this summer, even though we were driving cross-country. Personally, I prefer happy TV shows, which Breaking Bad is not. But when Dave requested that we stop in Albuquerque to hunt […]

Bobcats and sand dunes

What do you do when you’re driving through New Mexico and you see signs for a missile range? You follow them, of course. It was August 17th when Dave and I crossed the state border between Texas and New Mexico. A colleague’s Twitter suggestion was leading us in the direction of White Sands National Monument, […]

Don’t mess with Texas

“Don’t Mess with Texas” may be an anti-littering campaign slogan, but it serves well as a state motto. In fact, until my first trip to Texas in 2009, I thought it was a state motto. It sums up both the people and the land of Texas quite well. After having a fantastic time in Houston, Dave […]

Houston knows a good time

Dave and I are starting to develop a standard line of commentary for each large city we visit this summer. “There are so many things to do.” “We’re not used to all these restaurant choices.” “I love that you can walk so many places.” “This is so much more multi-cultural than we’re used to.” “When […]

Meeting Grandpa Elliott

My husband, Dave, and I were walking down Royal Street on a Sunday afternoon during my first-ever trip to New Orleans when I suddenly stopped in my tracks and grabbed Dave’s arm. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. “I think I know that guy,” I told him, gesturing toward a man […]

Beautiful New Orleans

New Orleans, if I ever get around to having a home again, I’m coming back for you and all your artsy goodness, your canvases lining the gates of Jackson Square and your galleries filled with local artists’ masterpieces. Art makes my world go round. Photography, writing, painting, pottery, music, dance – whether I’m doing it, […]

Practicing parenthood in Pensacola

When we were organizing our trip to Pensacola to visit my husband’s brother, our sister-in-law and our 6-month-old niece, there was no hesitation when it came to the question of daycare: take Audrey out of childcare that week, and Dave and I would babysit. We are going to miss a lot of important events in […]

B&B Review: A Painted Lady

When Dave and I arrived in Columbus, Miss., last weekend, we thought we would spend the weekend at our Aunt Jackie and Uncle Pete’s house just outside of the city. Instead, after eating po boys at Proffitt’s Porch and exploring the Tennessee Williams home and Rosenzweig Arts Center, we stopped in front of a gorgeous […]

Cultural discoveries on the road

There are basically two reasons Dave and I decided to undertake a cross-country road trip this summer: to see family and friends, and to experience the incredible, varied cultures of the U.S. that we often forget exist in the next county or state over. Everyone thinks about going to New York City or Chicago to […]