Hello, homelessness

Over the course of the last few days, my husband and I have learned something about ourselves: We are absolutely terrible at moving. Inept. Pitiful. Complete rubbish. First of all, for anyone who is planning a move, never schedule your last day of work the day before you actually plan to be out of the […]

Into the home stretch

Our final weekend in Glasgow is coming to a close, after three days of packing, hauling, visiting with friends and [on my part] shedding a few tears. Only five days until my last day at the Glasgow Daily Times, and six until we hit the road. If anyone in Glasgow had not yet heard Dave […]

Bring on the gypsy life

For the last two days, Dave and I have gotten up at 5 a.m., dragged half our belongings out into the front yard, and tried to sell the pieces of our lives. It was miserable. I’ve never hosted a moving sale until this week, and I hope I never do again. It was one of the most stressful, difficult […]

This is it: I’m moving to England

Three weeks from today, I will make the transition from Glasgow Daily Times reporter and resident of Glasgow, Ky., to homeless, unemployed gypsy. I could not be more excited. Or terrified, if I’m really honest, but there is definitely overwhelming excitement. It all started Feb. 14, 2012. Dave and I were relaxing at a local […]